Georgina’s Sky.of.tents and Tunnel.of.tents installations were displayed at the 2017 Floriade Festival in Canberra from Sat 16th Sept – Sun 15th Oct. To celebrate 30 years of the Festival, Floriade, in collaboration with ArtsACT, curated a collection of sculptures showcasing sixteen local and international artists.


Sky.of.tents is a kinetic installation, scattered with traces of its former use. A giant 3-dimensional patchwork (7.2m x 11m) made completely by hand, with over five hundred fabric triangles (cut from the assortment of reclaimed Festival tents),  re-sewn together into a lattice work of “shard” like pyramids. Acting as a kaleidoscopic ceiling the lightweight fabric will waft up and down with the passing breeze.


Tunnel.of.tents, originally commissioned for the 2016 Parramatta Lanes Festival, was reconfigured and installed as a performance backdrop in one of Floriade’s marquee stages. Performances raging from barbershop choirs, traditional ballet, children’s salsa and traditional Japanese duets.