During Georgina’s Bachelor and Honours degree of Fine Art at RMIT University she majored in both Sculpture and Ceramics. Split between two studio areas, her movements, experiences and the objects within these spaces became the inventory for her making. Georgina spent four years creating hand-built ceramic stoneware and received developmental awards including RMIT University Ceramic Award for Excellence 2007 and RMIT University Honours Ceramic Award for Excellence 2008. Georgina sold a number of her works to private owners during this period and her work purchased for inclusion in the Bendigo Art Gallery Ceramics Collection in 2008. Through her early ceramics arts practice she explored synchronized arrangement of contrasting elements; thick to thin, heavy to light, soft to hard, inside to out, and light to shadow: constructed landscapes. Clustered groups of objects came together into a captured volume.

RMIT University 2nd Year Work: Hand-built stoneware clay & glazes

RMIT University 3rd Year Work: Hand built stoneware clay (saggar fired) & fabric extensions

RMIT University Honours Year Work: Hand built stoneware clay (saggar fired)