Georgina Humphries Catalogue Image LSB

Georgina Humphries is a Public Artist living and working in Melbourne. Weaving a wide range of handmade techniques into temporary installations, live art set design, time-lapse video art and traditional sculpture, Georgina creates tangible experiences in an array of public environments.

Georgina’s practice is reflective of her studio surroundings and the working process from working within their limits. Emerging from both a sculptural and ceramic background, her work investigates the transitional process of 2-dimensional imagery into 3-dimensional objects. Georgina uses a combination of handmade techniques, sewing, sketching, cutting and weaving, to communicate her physical surroundings.

Through her public arts practice Georgina seeks to present the traditional and familiar craft of sewing as a viable public art medium, creating tactile experiences that are accessible to the general public in their everyday life. Through exposed seams, dangling thread and handmade imperfections, she hopes to intrigue and engage passers-by, with a tangible hand-crafted object that they can easily connect to and have a sense of the process of making.

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