Georgina installing for her Crown Street Stables Art Activation Project 2019

Georgina Humphries is a Public Artist living and working in Melbourne. Weaving a wide range of handmade techniques into temporary installations, live art set design and interactive workshops, Georgina creates tangible experiences in an array of public environments.

Georgina’s practice is reflective of her home studio surroundings and the working process that has spawned from within their limits. Surrounded by soft furnishing and carpet, Georgina has embedded herself in the tactile quality of these soft fabric forms. Emerging from both a sculptural and ceramic background, her work began investigating the transitional process of 2-dimensional imagery into 3-dimensional objects. Small geometric models now influence and ongoing exploration of site-specific works.  Georgina currently uses a combination of handmade techniques and ‘waste’ materials to communicate her physical surroundings and transform a range of public spaces into kaleidoscopic landscapes.

Through her current practice, Georgina has salvaged abandoned tents from music festivals and reconstructed them into kinetic sculptures. Many festival goers leave huge amounts of camping gear behind. Amongst camp chairs and collapsed gazebos, undamaged tents remain. Intended for the rubbish, this colourful material is re-pieced together into dynamic 3-dimensional patchworks. While Georgina’s work strives to capture the public’s attention with its billowing shapes and gelato-colours, underpinning its exuberance is a darker message about the throwaway culture of our time, where single-use items offer transient pleasure at the expense of our environment.

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