Parramatta Lanes 2016Tunnel.of.tents installed in Horwood Carpark, Parramatta Lanes 2016.

Parramatta Lanes is a multi-site festival that seeks to transform utilitarian spaces in Parramatta by repurposing them into designed outdoor food destinations and new spaces for public art, creative installations and performance.

For the 2016 Festival, Georgina was commissioned to create a new site specific work that enhance the event experience and engage audiences within the lanes. Tunnel.of.tents was designed to illuminate pedestrians passage from one food hub to another. The glowing fabric ceiling spanned a 25m length of the pedestrian car park walkway. Made entirely from discarded tent material and manufactured by hand by Georgina, over five hundred fabric triangles were re-sewn together into a lattice work of “shard” like pyramids.Tunnel.of.tents is a giant 3-dimensional patchwork which transformed a dark Parramatta passage into a strip of kaleidoscopic colour. The thorny patchwork dripped from the ceiling like a sea of stalactites, sharp in appearance but soft to the touch.

Photo Credit George Gittany Photography and Petedov Music Photography


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