Feild of Breeze, 2021 – Site-Specific installation designed for the grassed area at The Strand Rockepools Townsville. Georgina was one of 4 artists invited by Townsville City Council. 

EXHIBITION – Staged over nine fabulous days and nights from Saturday 17 July – Sunday 25 July 2021, Ephemera transformed The Strand into a 2km outdoor seaside sculptural exhibition for all to enjoy. Showcasing 28 artworks by local and nationally-renowned artists, including 19 competitive sculptures, four sculptures by invited artists, two school projects, two projection artists and a chalk artist.

About the Work

Field of Breeze is a kinetic installation that captures the full forces of the Rockpool winds. Emerging from the grassy knoll like a colourful mountain range, these interactive partitions funnel your vision and shift your body as you move in, around and through the installation. Made almost entirely from recycled fabric, this kaleidoscopic horizon is scattered with traces of its former use. Tent windows, air vents and camping logos are subtly embedded in the fabric surface and only reveal themselves to the curious eye of the passing onlooker. The thorny surface will puff out like a sea of stalactites, sharp in appearance but soft to the touch. The fabric landscape will engage visitors as they experience their public space in an unusual and prismatic way; walk around, crawl through, or hide behind the moving sails as the 3-dimensional patchwork articulates the wind’s invisible forces.

Whilst this installation strives to capture the public’s attention with its wind-filled stalactites and gelato-colours, underpinning its playfulness is a darker message about the throwaway culture of our times; as we discard and disengage more and more, the veracity of weather events continues to increase.