In December 2019 Georgina was commissioned by Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Women’s Centre to install Festive Skies, a temporary public artwork in the foyer of there CBD building.

Festive Skies was a fabric installation that blanketed the ceiling of the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre entrance with a kaleidoscope of colour. This thorny patchwork surface hung down like a sea of stalactites, sharp in appearance but soft to the touch.  Dripping from overhead and illuminated from the lights above, the semi-transparent fabric glowed from within.  The vivid patchwork celebrated the vibrant, merry atmosphere of December and reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of Melbourne’s dynamic CBD.

The soft, inflatable canopy, stitched together with exposed seams and dangling threads, hoped to engage the intrigued passer-by with a handcrafted object, something they can easily relate to and have a sense of the process of making. Made almost entirely from recycled materials, destined for the rubbish, this installation strived to capture the public’s attention with its tactile nature and gelato-colours. But underpinning its exuberance is a darker message about the throwaway culture of our time where items are used once and replaced for the brand new, at the expense of our precious environment.