The Crown Street Art Activation Project combined a large scale temporary installations with a series of free creative workshops for children. Presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019, the multi-purpose community facility was infused with prismatic colour and offer the broader community with the opportunity to be fully immersed in contemporary public art. With a vital focus on reducing waste, materials used in both installations and workshops were almost entirely recycled and aim to bring the attention to the throwaway culture of our time whilst suggesting creative solutions to reuse and avoid waste.The project ran for a two-week period during September 2019.

Part workshop, part immersive installation, We are all CAPE-able invited children ages 5-12 to become co-creators in a colourful public art experience. Guided through hands-on crafting and interactive play activities, children were shown how to utilise recycled materials to construct their own piece of wearable recycled art.

Beginning at the temporary public artwork Canopy.of.Tents, Children delved a little closer into the heart of the Crown Street Stables to discover a secret prismatic cave installation. Inspired by this colourful place for contemplation kids created their own “Recycling Warriors Capes” and were asked to think about what type of rubbish they would choose to flight?