“Gelato Skies” was the combination of two sail installations that blanketed Perth skies with a kaleidoscope of colour.  Made entirely from discarded tent material (collected from music festivals), Georgina’s thorny patchworks floated like a sea of stalactites, sharp in appearance but soft to the touch for the duration of 2018-19 Ice Cream Festival season. Born out of a collaboration between event activators Bar Pop and several top brick-and-mortar-players including Mechanics’ Institute, The Dominion League, The Court and El Grotto, the Ice Cream Factory played host to Perth’s first ‘summer micro-festival’, transforming Northbridge for four weeks in Dec 2018 through Jan 2019. Set on the green corner at Roe and Lake Street, the venue sprawled from a central outdoor space into the adjoining warehouse, and wound its way upstairs to reveal several custom-built rooftop bars and decks.