Georgina was invited by facilitator and host Dan Koop to oversee the design for the Supper Club entitled “The C-Word”, which was presented at the Arts House in November 2018.

Info from the Arts House Website: “Usually, you wouldn’t drop ‘the C-word’ into a nice dinner conversation, but at this Supper Club it will be on everyone’s lips: it’s time to talk about cancer.

Many of us have seen first-hand how devastating cancer can be, but we rarely hear directly from those who deal with diagnoses, treatment and (hopefully) recovery on a daily basis.

Join us for a delicious dinner, meet cancer care providers and specialists, chat with artists who investigate death in their practice, and hear from individuals with personal stories of survival.”

Curator & Discussion Facilitator: Dan Koop
Designer: Georgina Humphries
Flowers: Arbor Florist
Food: Firecracker Events

Hosts & Speakers: Vicki Couzens (Artist); Steve Ellen (Director, Psychosocial Oncology Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre);
Darius Kedros (Sound Artist);
Nicki Morrison (Registered Nurse); Peter MacCallum (Cancer Centre);
Bonita Ralph (Death Doula);
Jean Taylor (Writer/ Activist /Feminist);
Stephan Skov (Music Therapist)