Tents.to.Sea, 2018, installed on Lorne Swing Bridge.

The Lorne Sculpture Biennale (LSB) is a vibrant festival celebrating the best of Australian and international sculpture. It’s a free public event held every two years, and over three weekends the stunning Lorne foreshore becomes the picturesque pedestal for these sculptures, and the venue for a vibrant program of events. ‘Landfall’ is the curatorial theme for 2018 and is devoted to pressing global issues of nature and endangerment. Artists use the medium of sculpture (including light, sound, performance, and projection) to explore this theme and the intersection of nature, humanity, and art.

The Emerging Artist Award valued at $10,000 was awarded to Georgina Humphries for her work Tents.to.Sea. Delaney said, “We are pleased to award Georgina Humphries the Emerging Artist Award for her work Tents.to.sea 2018, made from reclaimed tents and rope, constructed on the Swing bridge, which delivers a kaleidoscipoic beacon in the shape of a triangular tent or sail form. Tents.to.sea functions as a beacon, weather vane and community gathering space in a site which engages the long view from the road, the architecture of the bridge, and the neighbourhood of community camping and collective activity.”