Doughnuts installed in Batman Walk, Sweets ‘n’ Beats Lane, Parramatta Lanes 2016.

Parramatta Lanes is a multi-site festival that seeks to transform utilitarian spaces in Parramatta by repurposing them into designed outdoor food destinations and new spaces for public art, creative installations and performance.


For the 2017 Festival, Georgina was commissioned to create a new site specific work that enhance the event experience and engage audiences within the lanes. “Doughnuts” was a set of oversized sculptural rings, that were scattered along the ground, walls and sky of Batman Walk. Appearing to be thrown into the laneway and suspended in motion, these giant sculptural forms acted  as both a modular seating arrangement and a hanging installation. Illuminated from within and upholstered with vibrant patchwork fabric, these Doughnuts appeared to glow against the grey laneway walls and provide a comfy resting spot for weary festival goers. A series of 12 Doughnuts were constructed specifically for the Parramatta Lanes event.

Blurb from, “Suspended above the laneway are giant glowing donuts, lighting the path to your next sweet fix! Wander underneath Georgina Humphries’ luminous creations or sit down and relax on your very own donut seat while you sample one of the many indulgent desserts on offer. Created with recycled tent material collected at music festivals, the donuts are a dynamic response to our insatiable appetite for increasingly wild desserts, celebrating the vibrant colour and fun-loving atmosphere of Parramatta Lanes.”