For the 2016/17 Lorne Falls Music & Arts Festival, Georgina installed two large-scale fabric sails for The Village, arts precinct of the four day New Years celebration. Sky.of.tents (originally commissioned in 2013) and Strip.of.tents (a new work for 2016) both acted as colourful backdrops and kinetic installation for the vibrate festival landscape.

Falls 2016/17Strip.of.tents 2016 Lorne Falls Festival

Reusing Discarded Festival Tents… After a weekend of music, many weary festival goers leave huge amounts of camping gear behind. Aiming for a hasty retreat, amongst broken chairs and collapsed gazebos, almost-new tents are left behind. Destined for the rubbish, this colourful outdoor material has been collected and re-pieced together. Cut down to size and sewn back together into a geometric patchwork, this resource of material has not been wasted but stitched together into a collage of colour.img_6277Sky.of.tents 2016 Lorne Falls Festival

Falls 2016/17