Sketching LorneGeorgina’s installation Sketching Lorne was selected to be apart of the 2016 Lorne Sculpture Biennale “Sculpture Trail” exhibition. The exhibition was made up of 35 artist, with artworks positioned from the pier along the coastal trail, down the boardwalk, meandering along cypress drive and finishing up at the Erskine River. A $25,000 non-acquisitive prize was awarded to the winning sculpture.

Sketching LorneSketching Lorne

Artist statement – Drawn into the landscape, a simple ‘beach’ sketch is lifted off the page into a 3-dimensional still-life. Covered with white fabric and edged with black lines, this tableau of objects stands as a relief from their rendered chalk shadows.

Through the transitional process of 2-dimentional imagery into 3-dimentional objects, the handmade techniques of sewing, cutting and weaving act as the visual language I used to communicate my physical surroundings. Exposed seams and dangling threads, engage the intrigued passerby with a tangible handcrafted object. Something they can easily connect to and have a sense of the process of making.