Georgina Humphries’ Festivalling project combined a large-scale fabric installation with a series of children’s creative workshops and experiences that celebrate the vibrant, musical and merry atmosphere of festivals. Designed as a colourful place for creative potential, Georgina Humphries’ Sky.of.tents installation acted as a backdrop for hands-on making and experimental dance occurring beneath.

Developed collaboratively between Georgina Humphries & artist Christine Caminiti the Festivalling experience was part workshop, part Live Art performance and invited children ages 5-12 to become co-creators in their own “Festival” experience. Eight Festivalling workshops were held at the Moonee Valley Councils Incinerator Gallery between Dec 15th 2015-Jan 16th 2016 and ran alongside a series of other “Art making” activities and exhibitions which make up the Incinerator Gallery’s Summer Show.


Each workshop was made up of four key components… ENTRY, MAKING, PARADE, MOVE IT!

ENTRY -Glittery wristbands for each child; Introduction – Meditative exercise, laying down, children imaging what their ultimate Festival experience would be like, whilst looking up into Sky.of.tents colours above. OPEN THE FESTIVAL!


MAKING– Children make their own festival accessories using reclaimed tent material; Face painting inspired by Sky.of.tents installation and children’s costumes.

PARADE– Kids get to show off their costumes with a parade around the Gallery in front of parents and other workshop participants; Streamers & flags given to each child to enhance their own costumes; Start dancing to brass marching tunes.

MOVE IT– Dance freely under Sky.of.tents to a pop music playlist; become aware of your body with the addition of “Making” creations (cape, wings, headdress etc.). CLOSE THE FESTIVAL!