For the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival, Georgina took on the role of Set Designer and Prop Maker for the Interactive Theatre Work, The Freda Experience. Premièring at the festival The Freda Experience, the work took participants on a journey through the life of Freda Du Faur, a young and adventurous Australian mountaineer who became the first woman to ascend Mt Cook (Aoraki) in New Zealand in 1910.

Freda ExperienceGeorgina’s key Installation/Sculptural pieces were a set of large scale “Bivouac” Tents and a large 3-dimensional Projection Cube. The projection cube was made with a minimal aluminium framework, with stretched PVC to optimise the projection surfaces. All five sides of the open cube had back lit projections, with participants experiencing the changing images and animation from beds and chairs positioned inside the cube.

Freda Experience Freda ExperienceFreda Experience

The three large “Bivouac” Tents each sat eight people and were set up by participants during the performance. Once the tents where ‘pitched’, participants viewed a series of projections for inside the back wall of the Bivouac. The tents were then lifted into the air (via a series of rigging ropes) to create a giant 5.7m x 7.5m projection screen, where the final images of Mt. Cook where projected.

The Freda Experiece

Below: The three tents come together to form one large projection screen.

The Freda Experiece

The Team:
Concept & Direction – Verity Higgins
Key Collaborators – Jillian Pearce and Jim Coad (Projection)
Set Design & Props – Georgina Humphries
Sound Design – Wayne Parker
Performers – Aurora Kurth, Jillian Pearce, Kate Finnerty, Tim Ratcliffe
Lighting Design – Katie Sfetkidis
Costumes – Janette Wotherspoon