Installed for ARTPLAY’s Moomba celebrations, Sky.of.tents (originally made for Falls Music & Arts Festival) was presented as part of the Triangulate workshop series that ran for the 3 days of Moomba in March 2014.

Sky.of.tents ARTPLAY Triangulate

Triangulate was a free visual arts workshop presented by artist Briony Barr, Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau. Sky.of.tents reinforced the Trangulate theme and create an immersive environment for which the children could undertake their “triangle” related activities below.

Sky.of.tents ARTPLAY Triangulate Sky.of.tents ARTPLAY Triangulate Sky.of.tents ARTPLAY Triangulate Sky.of.tents ARTPLAY TriangulateTriangulate Blurb from ArtPlay website:

Explore all the different ways you can experiment with three sides and a bit of imagination. Test your skills in two or three dimensions using different materials. Why triangles? Did you know the triangle is the strongest geometric shape for building things? And it’s also rather mysterious. There is a special shape known as the Sierpinski Triangle that (in theory) fits an infinite number of smaller triangles inside its three walls! What a feat!  Find out more about the trusty triangle and its tremendous talents at this event.”