Georgina Humphries’ Installation Sky.of.tents  is a giant hanging patchwork (6 x 9m) made entirely from discarded tent material. Designed and commissioned specifically for The Village (arts precinct of the Lorne Falls Festival) this colourful fabric “ceiling” was strung up for the duration of the 2013/14, Lorne, Falls Music & Arts Festival. Positioned high above the heads of weary festival goers, this oversized patchwork acted like a kaleidoscopic shade cloth, wafting up and down overhead with the passing breeze.  The 3-dimensional surface scooped down like a sea of stalactites, sharp in their appearance but soft to the touch.

Falls Music & Arts Festival 2013/14 Installations

Utilising Festival Remnants… 

After a weekend of music, many exhausted Festival goers leave huge amounts of camping gear behind. Aiming for a hasty retreat (to avoid hour long queues), amongst broken camp chairs and collapsed gazebos, undamaged tents are left behind, destined for the rubbish. With the help of The Village over the past two years Georgina has collected this colourful outdoor material and begun to re-piece it together. Made completely by hand by Georgina, over five hundred fabric triangles (cut from the assortment of reclaimed Festival tents), were re-sewn together into a lattice work of “shard” like pyramids.

Falls Music & Arts Festival 2013/14 Installation

Sky.of.tents Falls Music & Arts Festival 2013/14 Installations

Sky.of.tents Falls Music & Arts Festival 2013/14 Installations


Sky.of.Tents in process…