Through the ongoing collaborative project Skypetrait: Transcontinental Faces, Georgina’s time lapse video artwork entitled Becoming Uta was shown on Melbourne’s Federation Square Big Screen. Her work was a part of a 20 minute collective screening of the 12 German and Australian artist work, which was a combination of developed video, animation and still images.



Georgina’s Artist Statement from the publication, ‘Skypetrait Transcontinental Faces’ regarding her artwork Becoming Uta:

‘Through the ongoing process of Skypetrait, I found the simple blind contour drawing becoming layer with photocopies, etched lines and scribbled markings. From the fragmented images of my iPad, these black & white lines crept into space… Lifted off the sketchbook pages and into 3-dimension drawings on my face. With the original black marker exchanged for face paint, I emerged coated in white and drawn as ‘Uta’ by a thin black line.’

Click below to view Becoming Uta; A time lapse video which documents Georgina’s ‘drawn’ transition into a black and white sketch of fellow skyptrait Artist Uta.

Skypetrait: transcontinental faces is an ongoing research project between: Art in Public Space, School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia; and, Fine Art Conception, School of Textiles & Design, Reutlingen University, Germany. It explores the role of drawing and portraiture within the public space of Skype. Skypetrait is presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Australia with exhibitions at the City Library (March 2013), Melbourne, Project Space/Spare Room, RMIT University (April 2013) and at the City Hall, Reutlingen, Germany (May 2013).

Members: Henning Eichinger, Maggie McCormick, Pixi Mix, Freya Pitt, Chris Bold, Georgie Humphries, Dan Mitchell, Fiona Hillary, Uta Krauss, Annie Kurz, Christina Liadeli, Chantal Rasquin, Thea Tromsdorf, Tatjana Zhabina.