AW-GH-CR-4-092012Skypetrait: transcontinental faces is a research project between Art in Public Space, School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia and Fine Art Conception, School of Textiles & Design, Reutlingen University, Germany, that explores the role of drawing and portraiture within the public space of Skype. Skypetrait is presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Australia with exhibitions at the City Library (March 2013), Melbourne, Project Space/Spare Room, RMIT University (April 2013) and at the City Hall, Reutlingen, Germany (May 2013). Please visit the  Skypetrait website for all Exhibtion and project deatils

Project Curators: Henning Eichinger & Maggie McCormick
Artist: Pixi Mix, Freya Pitt, Chris Bold, Georgie Humphries, Dan Mitchell, Fiona Hillary, Uta Krauss, Annie Kurz, Christina Liadeli, Chantal Rasquin, Thea Tromsdorf, Tatjana Zhabina.

FIRST STAGE OF SKYPETRAIT PROJECT: Initial Skype meetings with German Artist and drawing session

Screenshots and photos from initial Skype meetings.

SECOND STAGE: Georgina’s resulting developed Artwork…

Film Strip Image no border

 Photo 11-10-2013 2 18 13 pm

THIRD STAGE: German Arts Residency, Click here for more details and Images

Germany Skypetrait Residency

Skypetrait @ Design Research Institute

Skypetrait @ ARTE Creative

Skypetrait @  Reutlingen University

Skypetrait @ RMIT University