IMG_9105Skypetrait Residency 2013, Textile & Design Department, Reutlingen University, Germany. A 3 week residency in Germany that made up one half of a reciprocal residency program for the ongoing Skypetrait Project between RMIT University School of Art and Reutlingen University School of Textile & Design. More information of the ongoing Skypetrait Project click here.

The public outcome from the Residency took place in the historical town Tubingen, where Georgina underwent a transformation using face-paint and custom made fabric (made by herself in the Textile & Design Department at Reutlingen University), to reference the digital pixilated image of herself that fellow Skypetrait artist Uta had created.

Below are images from the live performance artwork and resulting photo-shoot
Becoming Uta’s digital pixalated image of myself…