Georgina Humphries and Lindy de Wijn were invited by the Darebin City Council to undertake a series of in-school workshops in preparation for the 2017 Darebin Community & Kite Festival. Student from prep to grade 6 at participating Darebin Primary Schools were given the opportunity to work collaboratively in making a number of large scale Tetrahedron Kites. The resulting kites built by student were displayed and flown (attempted to) at the 2017 Festival held in March. Participating schools included, Reservoir East Primary, Croxton School, Reservoir Primary, Preston South Primary and Northcote Primary.

Students used drinking straws, sticky tape and recycled plastic shopping bags to create the smallest triangular pyramids. From there, students worked in small groups to join the individual pyramids together using wooden skewers creating the overall tetrahedron design. The size of the resulting kites depended on the number of students participating at each school.

Each participating school had an individual Tetrahedron Kite displayed as a sculptural installation at the Edward Park Lake Festival site. The kites were attempted to be flow in the afternoon of the Festival, but due to little to no wind, the kites only took of from the ground for a second. After the Festival the kites were returned to the participating school, to be displayed or flown on a suitably windy day.