A collaborative Live Artwork, which premièred at the 2012 Next Wave Festival, has most recently been presented at the 2013 Junctions Arts Festival, in Launceston, Tasmania. Please visit Junctions website at www.junctionartsfestival.com.au for more information in the Festival.The SBSB Flag

The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge was created by Dan Koop in collaboration with performance artists Andrew Bailey and Lauren Clelland, Penny Harpham and visual artists, Georgie Humphries and Max Milne. Please Visit http://thesbsb.com/ for more info. Georgina’s keg roles where as Site Designer, Prop Maker (flags, banners) and Live Performer of introduction and ending.

Junction Arts Festival website describing The Stream/The Boat/The Shore/The Bridge…


Dan Koop & Co. (Melbourne)

The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge is a live public artwork along and across the North Esk River.

Dan Koop returns to Launceston to ask a raft of hard questions while journeying overland and voyaging in a rowboat. Inspired by “what if?” scenarios and lateral thinking puzzles, participants make their own journey around and over the North Esk River.

With events and activities at each site, you contribute your thoughts, choices and actions to decide how best to cross the river and reach the city. See the site through new eyes from unexpected vantage points, to create an imaginative overlay upon a city space. You are invited to converse and reflect about how to use and share limited resources whilst enjoying a new perspective of the city from the water, an experience that will change the way you see Launceston.

“The work asks the audience to give as much of themselves to the work as they hope to get out of it, and Koop plays wonderfully with the balance of pushing past barriers without causing discomfort.” RealTime.