Commissioned by The Village (arts precinct of the Falls Music Festival) Georgina created the site specific work Sea.of.tents for the 2012/13 Falls Music and Arts Festival, Lorne, Victoria. About Falls:  Falls is a multi day camping event kicking off at the end of December in Lorne, Victoria + Marion Bay, Tasmania +Byron Bay, New South Wales.  We bring tunes from around the globe to your frontal lobes.  Bands that make you dance. Art that gets you involved, with friends that make you laugh.


Sea.of.Tents – After a weekend of music, many weary Festival goers leave huge amounts of camping gear behind. Aiming for a hasty retreat (to avoid hour long queues), amongst broken camp chairs and collapsed gazebos, undamaged tents are left behind. Destined for the rubbish, this colourful outdoor material has been collected and re pieced together. Cut down to size and sewn back together into a kaleidoscopic patchwork, the 3-dimensional surface puffs out like a sea of Festival tents tightly crammed together.

THE VILLAGE (Arts precinct of the Falls Festival)

“It’s the festival within a festival, the party within a party. It’s the weird and it’s the wonderful. Take a trip to The Village and find out for yourself all the wondrous things awaiting. We’ve got morning yoga sessions, samba classes, circus workshops, puppetry, burlesque and comedy, as well as a never-ending list of the unexpected. There’s plenty of ways to get involved or just sit back, relax and observe”