Commissioned by the City of Greater Dandenong Council, Sketching Noble Park was presented as apart Noble Park’s TRANSFORMED Temporary Public Art Program in 2012. ‘Sketching Noble Park’ was a series 3 urban interventions that transform everyday street architecture, into lively 3-dimensional drawings.

IMG_5779Taking place along Douglas Street, Noble Park’s main shopping precinct, selected architectural features, eg Benchs, Bike Rack, Hand Railing etc. were covered in a white with black fabric. The objects still remain functional to their original design, but took on a drawn appearance and fabric texture. The 3-dimensionality of these objects was enhanced with drawn chalk/charcoal on the ground to appear as temporary sketched shadows.

Sketching Noble Park looked to explore how everyday objects/environments can be highlighted through the graphic quality of tracing, sketching and stitching. Presenting the traditional and familiar craft of sewing as a viable public art medium, it sort to create a tactile experience that was accessible to the general public in their everyday life. Gradually building up over time in full view of the daily shopper, these temporary installations illustrated the process of making and highlight the time and effort that goes into the production of a public artwork. Bringing awareness to the simple origins of an artist practice of sketches, drawings and initial ideas.