Commissioned by The Village (arts precinct of the Falls Music Festival) Georgina presented the sculptural work Doughnuts for the 2011/12 Falls Music and Arts Festival, Lorne, Victoria. About Falls:  Falls is a multi day camping event kicking off at the end of December in Lorne, Victoria + Marion Bay, Tasmania +Byron Bay, New South Wales.  They bring tunes from around the globe to your frontal lobes.  Bands that make you dance. Art that gets you involved, with friends that make you laugh.”


The Doughnuts where originally created as apart of Georgina’s formal course work during her study at RMIT University. It was here Georgina underwent a formal investigation into the geometric, curvilinear and patterned architecture that made up the University campus  which surrounded her. For the Doughnut sculptures the coloured brick patterning of a vast open space walled by the architecture of Edmond and Corrigan (RMIT bld 8) were imagined as interlocking woven fabric.