Sketching Bootleg Alley is a commissioned set of black & white fabric covered street furniture, designed for a Harvest Festival. An interactive installation, Festival goers were encouraged to touch, sit and engage with the tangible handcrafted objects and be drawn in by the tactile fabric surface.

???????????????????????????????Covered with white fabric and edged with black binding these Lamp Posts, Bench Seat & Bike appeared as a 2-dimensional drawing lifted off the page into a 3-dimensional sketch.  To accompany the lamp post, a fabric covered vintage bike and bench seat sat alongside the 3 individual lights, acting as a resting point for a weary festival goer, or a fun photo opportunity.  What appeared was a Victorian street ‘still life’, tactile, graphic and drawn into the Harvest Festival space.

Sketching Bootleg Alley was present at all three Australian Harvest Festivals, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.