Sketching North Terrace, is a group of five urban interventions that transformed everyday street architecture, into lively 3-dimensional drawings. The installation ran for 2 weeks of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and was situated along North Terrace outside the Gallery, Museum and Uni SA. The project was funded by and Adelaide City Council Public Arts Grant and Moonee Valley Council Grant.

Gradually evolving over a two week period, individual objects were covered on separate days through out the festival. Selected architectural futures, eg bike rack, bench seat and bollards, were covered in a white with black edged fabric coverings. Black cotton was used to stitch custom made covering to fit these street objects snugly. While covered the objects still remain functional to their original design, but took on a drawn appearance and fabric texture. Sketched chalk shadows were drawn on the pavement to enhance the 3-dimensionallity of the covered objects. Each street furniture piece was indicated to be apart of the Festival with a stencilled Adelaide Fringe chalk logo on the ground.

Picture 177

sketching north terrace