Georgina’s temporary installation Sketched Campsite was selected to be presented at the 2010 Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. The project was funded by the Moonee Valley Foundation and RMIT Travel Grant.

Sketched Campsite

Through the organization Greencrafts, coordinators of ‘The Greencrafts Field’ at Glastonbury, Georgina was offered the position of site decorator, to install an in-situe sculptural work, Sketched Campsite, to sit onsite for the duration of the five day Festival. Georgina took a simple tracing of the campsite seen all over the festival fields and lifted it off the page into a 3-dimensional sketch. A custom made white & black tent stood at the hub of the installation surrounded by an assortment of campsite things, all whited out and edged with a thin black line.